Basement Waterproofing Pinebrook Heights, NY

Vulcan Basement Waterproofing In Pinebrook Heights, NY

Basement waterproofing by Vulcan is a science and art that pioneered industry standards. Our methods set the pace with today’s complex world of building construction and protective maintenance. Our techniques are as effective for a one-family home as they are for a towering commercial building.
When the foundation is built, exterior basement walls are usually encased in tar, membrane and polyethylene film. These barriers will eventually stretch, shrink, crack and admit water.

If the hydrostatic pressure relief system is not properly designed, it will clog and backup, or worse yet, undermine the integrity of your foundation. So, even though a handyman or homeowner could conceivably install the pressure relief system himself, he would probably do better to engage an insured professional waterproofing contractor to do the work – and a contractor like Vulcan, who is willing to guarantee it and end your struggles with a leaky, wet basement.
The pressure relief drainage system was designed and invented by Vulcan Basement Waterproofing in the mid 1960’s. Our company made many efforts the late 1940’s thru the early 1960’s trying to discover basement systems, materials and methods that would ultimately best conquer the problem of basement water seepage.  During this early period of our company we had the choice of using epoxy like materials, excavating the outside and trying different chemical compounds.  Up to this time our philosophy centered around stopping the water before it entered the basement. However, thru trial and error, it became apparent that you just can’t stop water. It was clear to those pioneers that the forces of nature were too strong to hold back. Our forefathers decided by the late 1950’s that the use of drain tile or drain systems would be a great way to combat the water pressure that causes most basement water problems.