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A wet basement can affect the structural integrity of a home, dramatically reduce the home’s value, and cause a number of health-related problems. Stop worrying every time it rains. We will get your basement 100% Dry, Guaranteed.

Crawl Space

Vulcan Crawlspace Encapsulation Service
Crawl spaces are dark and damp with humidity levels ranging from 50%-90% which provide the ideal environment for mold growth, mildew, insects and rodents. Crawl spaces should be encapsulated and waterproofed.

Crack Repair

Different types of basement foundation cracks
Cracks in basement walls should be addressed before more serious structure issues occur. Cracks in foundation walls develop for a variety reasons: Soil Erosion, Hydrostatic Pressure, Shrinkage of Concrete or Mortar and Construction Problems.


Vulcan Basement Remodeling

Finishing your basement is the least expensive way to add additional living space and value to your home.  Here at Vulcan, our basement finishing experts are ready to help you design and develop the basement of your dreams. 

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Why Choose Vulcan Waterproofing?

Do you have water in the basement every time it rains hard? Do you get water from the basement wall or foundation walls? You do not need to live with the anxiety of a wet basement whenever it rains.


Qualified Waterproofing Experts

Let Vulcan improve the quality of your life and your home by keeping your basement dry. Vulcan Basement Waterproofing offers solutions that will help control leaky basements regardless of how big or small. We offer free customized appraisals, based upon the type of work you may need, whether a patented pressure relief system, French drain, sump pump, or any other below-grade remediation.


Training and Experience Technicians

Any one rainstorm can add enough pressure to force water into the basement. Years of moisture and basement dampness slowly cause structural damage. Mold and mildew can also cause structural damage over time. Learn how to check for excess moisture or basement water damage.

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Affordable Waterproofing Services

Our skill, techniques, and scientifically-formulated products set the standard for the industry from New Jersey to Nassau County and more! Whether it’s a vapor barrier, water seeping in through concrete blocks in an older foundation, problems with exterior walls or poor waterproofing products were used in the past, we can help. We can waterproof your basement foundation using the proper concrete sealer, or keep the water from getting near your basement walls in the first place with proper drainage systems.

Vulcan Waterproofing covers a huge area of the Northeast with locations for basement waterproofing in NY, Long Island, PA, NJ, CT, and northern DE. Join hands in partnership with the protectors — and the only basement waterproofing system in the world that can say with confidence. “Finally, you can put an end to wet, leaky basements forever!”

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Mold, Mildew, Dampness & Air Quality

Dampness and moisture are very common problems related to basement waterproofing.  Not all water and moisture problems come from the ground. A major source of mold, mildew and the resulting musty odors comes from moisture in the air that, because it is heavier, collects in the lowest part of the house where it starts to do its damage and feeds the growth of mold.