The basement and waterproofing the basement in your house is just as important as any other room… and depending on its use, maybe even the most used part of your home.  Obviously, the basement is located on the lower level and it it has the potential to take in water. Nothing is more frustrating than having a wet basement! Flooding is a constant threat to basements and waterproofing can help prevent the basement from water damage and protect the belongings stored inside of it.
Basement waterproofing can help to avoid allergen and eliminate odors which are commonly associated with older basements and moisture problems. Before new construction begins, it’s wise to have every new foundation and basement waterproofed. It’s important when waterproofing a new foundation that it can;
Withstand water under extreme pressure, stop water vapor from getting into the basement, and withstand cracks in the foundation walls and floors.
Before Vulcan Basement Waterproofing came along, many foundations were only damp-proofed, or stopped water vapors. Water that was under pressure was still able to force its way into an already damp or wet basement making it worse, needing sometimes costly repairs. basement and waterproofing
Damp-proofing is different from basement waterproofing that Vulcan has been providing for 60 years. Benefits of waterproofing include constructing seamless barriers, and protecting personal belongings from becoming ruined. Water damage can destroy things quickly and make a foundation less sturdy.  Many people find that waterproofing avoids basement leaks, standing water, and moisture buildup from water seeping through the concrete.
Many times, basement and waterproofing are ignored by a homeowner. This results in future foundation problems which often come with hefty repairs and outstanding repairs bills. At the first signs of dampness or water, Vulcan should be called.
Waterproofing the basement will prevent any structural damages from occurring and foundation issues. When starting to notice signs of trouble, don’t take matters on alone. Call a certified basement waterproofing contractor that can take on problems and prevent future ones from occurring.
With a sealed basement, the possibilities are endless. Basements are great places to create a new livable room out of. They can increase the storage space of a home as a homeowner will have peace of mind knowing their belongings are not dampened.
There is a lot that waterproofing can do for a home. Waterproofing is the solution to keeping a basement from taking in water and also eliminating structural damages. Call Vulcan Waterproofing and flooring now for a free inspection!