Battery Back-Up Sump Pumps

Not All Battery Back-Up Sump Pumps Are Created Equal!


Other Battery Back-up Solutions

The StormPro auxiliary back-up sump pump system utilizes a reliable heavy-duty 115V AC pump made of cast iron and stainless steel. Rely on small plastic DC-only bilge type pumps designed to remove only small amounts of water.
Able to pump and charge the battery simultaneously, and is able to run continuously when power is on.Note: this is important when there is power and the primary sump pump has failed; StormPro will continue working to keep you dry! Does not charge the battery when the pump is running – will stop working when the battery has lost its charge.Note: your basement and all of itscontents are in jeopardy if the primary sump pump fails, even if there is AC power in the house!
Pumps 3000 GPH at 10’ height.Note: will pump 3 times more water than other backup systems, which means StormPro can do the same work in 1/3 the time. This is key when considering battery life! Pumps up to 1000 GPH at 10’ height.Note: these systems need to run 3 times longer to pump out the same volume of water, and are unable to handle the volume that comes with big storms!

Which Sump Pump Would You Want Protecting Your Home?

At Vulcan Waterproofing, we recommend StormPro over all other backup sump pumps.  They are powerful, built to last and easily outperform other brands. Click here for more detailed information on StormPro Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems.