Add Beauty and Value to Your Home…

Vulcan’s stone flooring is ideally suited for any concrete floor around the house. One of the primary uses of our stone flooring is to permanently cover cracked or ugly concrete garage floors and walkways, entryways and patios.


What Sets Our Floor Covering Apart?

Our all natural stone flooring is the best solution for issues associated with dampness, water, or mold and mildew.  Unlike other flooring such as carpet and tiles, our flooring is designed to “breathe” letting moisture from the porous concrete evaporate and thereby eliminating the ability of mold growth. With a new Stone floor you’ll never again have to replace damaged carpet, tiles or wood flooring in your home after spills, flooding, mold and mildew or any other similar occurrence.
No other concrete floor covering product compares to the beauty, longevity and durability of a Vulcan Stone Floor
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