Basement Waterproofing FAQ

What can I expect from a Vulcan Basement waterproofing estimate?

You should expect a quick, stress-free, fair and thorough quote from a reputable and experienced basement waterproofing engineer.

Why should I waterproof my basement?

There are many reasons, from health to peace of mind. Amongst the more important reasons are: a healthier living environment, increased living and storage space, avoiding further damage to your belongings, increased property value.

How can I pay for the work?

Cash, personal checks, bank checks, money orders and credit cards are all accepted forms of payment. We may also offer financing programs, ask your Vulcan representative for details.  We run financing and special offers from time to time, please ask!

How long does the average job take?

The majority of our basement waterproofing jobs can be completed in one day. However, there are some larger scale jobs that may take multiple days to complete. When we give you a quote we’ll let you know what to expect.

What is the average repair cost?

The cost of basement waterproofing depends on what specific solution is being used. All estimates are free of charge for this very reason. Our Basement Waterproofing Advisors are trained to recommend the most practical and economical solution for your particular situation. Smaller jobs may only be a few hundred dollars; larger scale jobs can be several thousand.

Will I have to wait for your Waterproofing Advisor to show up?

No. After you provide us with your information, our Customer Service Representative will generally provide you with a small time frame for your estimate.

If I am selling my house should I fix the problem before I sell?

Definitely. Before you sell your house, you will be required to fill out a disclosure form. One of the questions asks if you are aware of any leaking or water problems in your basement or crawl. Leaving the problem for the new owner will typically result in a lower sales price when the buyer will usually overstate the cost of repairs, and failure to inform the buyer of any problems at all can result in a lawsuit.

My chimney leaks. Can you eliminate that type of problem?

As long as the problem is below ground level we have solutions both from the outside or inside to fix it. To confirm the problem is below grade, run water from a garden hose on the ground near the chimney for a while. If water seeps into the basement within a reasonable time frame, it’s safe to assume at least a portion of the problem is below grade, and we can probably help.
If running a garden hose on the ground doesn’t produce any results, it probably is an above grade problem which means you should contact a chimney building and repair contractor.

Can you fix one small area?

In most cases the answer is yes, but it really depends on your particular problem. Unlike some basement waterproofing contractors, we do not push you into waterproofing the entire basement if it is not necessary (unless you prefer it). We offer several basement waterproofing solutions, both from the interior and exterior, not a “one-size-fits-all” system.
Our Basement Waterproofing Advisors are trained to recommend the most practical and economical solution.

My basement is finished. Will you be able to fix my problem?

Yes, we are a full-service basement waterproofing contractor so our Basement Advisor has a number of solutions. In many cases, all the waterproofing can be done from the exterior. If that is not possible, we can solve the problem from the interior with as little impact as possible on the interior finishes. This may include minor things like removing a section of the paneling or drywall, or pulling back the carpet. Your personal advisor will be able to share details.

Is Vulcan a franchise?

No. Vulcan Basement Waterproofing is the oldest basement waterproofing company in the nation, and all locations are company owned.

Are you in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes! We are in thousands of homes each year and strive to satisfy each and every customer. For this reason, much of our business comes from person to person referrals, and we have the highest rating at the BBB.

Can a “handyman” waterproof my basement?

Any contractor with a truck and a yellow page ad or website can call himself a waterproofing contractor. However, over the past 60+ years, we’ve seen dozens of new waterproofing companies in our area come and go in a few months or years due to financial problems or the inability to service their customers. We literally invented basement waterproofing, and it’s all we do! Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Can’t I just pick up some materials and fix it myself?

Most “do it yourself” materials found at the local hardware store produce very limited results. There are preventative things you can do like extending your downspouts and cleaning out your gutters,  which may help to alleviate the problem. However, if all options have been exhausted and water is still coming into your basement, we recommend hiring a professional waterproofing contractor like ourselves.
Over the past 60+ years we’ve had thousands of homeowners (as well as contractors!) give up and call us. They commonly tell us they wish they had called us to begin with and not wasted so much time and money. Our estimates are FREE, call us before trying to take it on yourself, you have nothing to lose!

I plan on remodeling. What can be done to prevent my basement from future leaks?

Though most people merely react to water problems, the smart ones are proactive and prevent them before they occur. Feel free to contact our office and we would be happy to arrange a free estimate. If nothing else, let us check everything out before you cover it semi-permanently.