Laundry Rooms

Make Your Laundry Room Beautiful


What are the benefits?

  • Make laundry chores more enjoyable
  • Easily transform a drab space into a beautiful room
  • Easy on feet, comfortable to walk on.
  • Water will not harm an epoxy floor
  • Cleans easily — just use a broom, vacuum, hose or damp mop
  • Safe and slip-resistant
  • Eliminates puddling or standing water
  • Pressure Relief Vents allow water to evaporate, reducing risk of mold or mildew
  • Specifically engineered for maximum durability and use
  • Our specially engineered epoxy allows concrete floor to breathe
  • Unlimited color and design choices
  • Environmentally friendly

Because of the beauty, comfort and durability of an epoxy stone floor, it’s easy to turn your drab and damp laundry or utility room into a beautiful space. Since most laundry rooms get wet and humid during normal use, epoxy stone flooring is the perfect floor covering to alleviate these issues, and at the same time adding a beautiful room to complement the rest of your home.
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