Finding the best waterproofing company requires some work. You’re choosing a dedicated team who will repair your basement and its surrounding areas properly when you choose the right basement waterproofing company.
Finding the right and best waterproofing company takes some research. You want a group of trained contractors to solve the existing problems and charge a fair price.
Below are the steps to follow to choose the right basement waterproofing company.
Step one:
Make sure it’s a registered company, look for information that tells you it meets the minimal requirements required by the local law (Angie’s List, July 2015). Their contractors took and passed the competency exams required for the waterproofing job.
Qualified contractors are granted with a trade license number and occupational license number. Vulcan Waterproofing is ready to share whatever is required.
Step two:
Bonding refers to those contractors who bought a recovery fund in an aim to protect his customer in case the completed job results to a failure.
Keep in mind these bonding requirements differ from state to state and city to city. For verification, it’s best to directly ask the contractor for a bond certification.
Step three:
Insured companies cover property damage and injuries. It provides financial help to injured contractors and contractors’ families in the event of death.
That’s why; before closing a deal and inviting a team to your house, make sure you’ll request a Certificate of Insurance.
Step four:
Make sure you skim their business history. The years of operation reveals how competent the team is. (Vulcan Waterproofing has been in business for over 60 years!)
It also means the company already prepared a tried and tested system for basement repair. Leaders in the waterproofing industry have received numerous awards, which are displayed on their homepage.
Step five:
To ensure you’ll pay for an excellent service, take time to visit local review sites that reveal the company’s current status.
Websites such as Better Business Bureau (BBB), Customer Lobby and Angie’s List provide an objective list of customer testimonials and star ratings. You’ll find close to 100 5-star reviews when searching for Vulcan Waterproofing!
It’s also helpful to send a mail to selected satisfied and unsatisfied customers when you choose a basement waterproofing company.. This is to make sure your judgment remains objective. The more objective you are, the easier to evaluate a company.

Waterproofing Products and Services

Vulcan Waterproofing is the oldest and most reliable basement waterproofing company in United States, which began its operation in 1947.
Their business story started when a professional team attempted to stop water leaking by raising the ground around the basement walls. The attempt failed but they never stopped. They dug around the house and tried applying pitch to the walls. This attempt also failed. Time passed by and the team came up with an idea to create a pressure pumping system.
The idea needed improvement. It led them to inventing a new system that requires cutting and trenching the floor next to the walls. The system used the right sizes of pipes to direct the water outside the foundation.
Until now, the Vulcan Waterproofing team uses similar strategy to fix basement leaks. They remind themselves, however, there’s no one solution for a given problem. They constantly use an array of new products to satisfy more customers in different cities.
The company owns branches in various New York counties. It also opened services in other states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Below are their products and services.
1. Vulcan stone flooring is the ideal floor layer applied over concrete. It is mainly used to cover basement stains, cracks and uneven surfaces. It also prevents the spread of molds, mildew and moisture. Stone flooring also preserves the class and beauty in high traffic commercial areas found in hallways, kitchens, lobbies, pools and garages. Proper installation requires the help of a professional. Dirt, oils, grease, paint, carpet and tiles will be removed.
2. Sump pump installation is a basic waterproofing service. A sump pump is an electric pump installed on the basement floor. During heavy rains, these pumps will expel unnecessary water and will keep the area dry. A backup sump pump such as StormPro is built to last longer than a standard pump. It’s beneficial to use when it rains hard and there’s no electricity.
3. The E.Z Breathe is the basement’s ideal ventilation system. It functions as a dehumidifier and air purifier unit that removes damp and contaminated air. For a maximum result, it’s installed at the lowest level of the house leaning on an exterior wall.
4. Hydrostatic Pressure Relief System refers to an internal French drain. The system creates a trench around the floor perimeter next to the walls. It requires the use of channel pipes that will be connected to a sump pump. The trench is covered with stones, gravel and concrete after installation.
5. Free inspection is a no obligation estimate given to all homeowners and business establishments. The free service includes thorough inspection, problem solving and quotation.