The Solution to a Wet Basement

Most homeowners are advised to get basement waterproofing as a wet basement solution. People are starting to recognize the importance of making that part of the house free from flooding and leaking due to the local storms.

wet basement solution

French Drain

No one wants the hassle and mess brought about by such problems. Unfortunately, most builders have not been designing homes and buildings with basements that are free from water. Such structures are also not appropriately designed to cope with leakage and moisture problems, which could leave you with a wet basement.
There is a danger if waterproofing is not made part of building design and construction. First, the possibility that the foundation can shift due to cracks and unlikely membranes that could occur over time.
Basement Waterproofing is very much necessary especially when your home is constructed at ground level or more particularly when it is built below it. You need to waterproof your NY or NJ basement to effectively safeguard your entire building.
A leaky or wet basement can pose serious consequences on the overall health and safety of your family and of other residents or tenants in your building. They could also significantly contribute to the depreciation of the overall value of the property. This is the reason waterproofing your basement is very important. Vulcan can be your wet basement solution.
Vulcan Basement Waterproofing offers sump pump installations, exterior coatings, exterior footer drain fields, French Drains, interior wall pins, drain down shields, sub-soil drain fields, interior cove channel system, window well and stairwell systems, wall set-back, interior grate channels, interior rough-casting, and areaway drains, among others.
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