Vulcan Review Kane, Goodway Technologies Corporation

I recently retained your company’s service to install a waterproofing system in my basement. So what makes me different from your thousands of other customers? Well, seven years ago I purchased a Basement Waterproofing” franchise. This was a nationally represented company that sold me their “waterproofing knowledge” to help compliment my existing contracting business. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that their method of waterproofing a basement wasn’t worth a dime. As a well respected contractor I no longer wanted to be associated with their name. During the engineering inspection of my new home, I became aware of an existing basement water situation that had been obviously festering for years. At that point I knew one thing for certain. I wasn’t going to install anything other than an interior pressure relief system. I contacted several waterproofing companies that I was aware of and also called in Vulcan due to a recommendation. Phil Appleton promptly came out from your company and gave a fair estimate with a “no pressure” sales approach. Boy was that refreshing. I quickly selected Vulcan for the job. On the scheduled day, at the scheduled time, your crew arrived. From the minute that Eddie Ladson (crew foreman) stepped out and told me he was in charge, I knew that I had made the right choice with Vulcan. The men were polite, quick and extremely proficient at their job. It was obvious they had done this many times before. Eddie was an excellent foreman and ran a tight ship. He worked very hard and the others followed suit. On several occasions he stopped to consult me on what he was doing and why he was doing it. You should realize how fortunate you are to have an employee that possesses excellent working skills in conjunction with a great attitude and ability to communicate effectively. I am not a person who is normally predisposed to hyperbole. In fact, I believe this is the first letter of recommendation I have ever written. However, the comments are unsolicited and the praise is just. Please thank Eddie and the crew one more time for a job well done.

Kane, Goodway Technologies Corporation, New York