Vulcan Review M. B., Broomall

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to take this opportunity to applaud Lee L. and his crew for the professional, thorough and conscientious work they performed for my family in late November. Although as many as six men were on the job at any one time, our house never seemed under siege. Lee and his men displayed the utmost concern for the property, right down to cleaning the driveway before they left. Though they needed to kick up considerable dust in our basement, they left it as clean –if not cleaner—than it was before they arrived. In a climate where customer service is a cliché for many businesses, Lee L. and his crew proved that it still exists at Vulcan. Their knowledge of the job at hand was considerable, their desire to work hard was evident, and their interest in seeing it through to the end was refreshing. At no time did anybody in the crew appear unwilling to do anything except make sure we were happy to have chosen Vulcan. I would heartily recommend Vulcan to anybody who needs to have a basement waterproofed particularly if Lee L. and his crew will be on the job, whatever you are paying these men, it is not enough. As representatives of Vulcan, they set a standard that should make the company proud it employs them. Sincerely,

M. B., Broomall, PA