Vulcan Review Marge and Bruce M., Glendora

Job Well Done! To Vulcan Team, Thank you for doing a great job waterproofing our basement. When we were having the problem and not knowing who to turn to, glad it was your company. Sam came to the house to see the basement and find a solution for the on-going basement water problems. We have lived in our house for 10 yrs. and for nine of those years have been getting water, when we have a heavy rain or snow melt. Countless things ruined. Well no more! Vulcan came and did a great job, I know I might sound like an advertisement, but I’m not. This is the real thing. We were tired of cleaning up the water .The crew came to the house, dug a trench with a jackhammer, through the concrete, all around the back of the house and up the sides a little ways, put in a pipe and a sump pump. The job took one day. The crew were very respectful of our house and of us, and they did an excellent clean-up of the area. Since then we had hurricane Irene and we did not get any water in our basement! We would definitely recommend Vulcan to do the job. Thank You.

Marge and Bruce M., Glendora, New Jersey