Vulcan Review S. Langford

A wet leaky basement had been an issue for us for many years… Recently we sold our house in Montauk, NY and it is my honest belief that the main factor that enabled us to get our asking price, was the vulcanizing your people did on our basement a couple of years ago. Since the basement waterproofing by Vulcan was done, not one drop of water has been found in the basement! Dollar for dollar, I cannot think of a better investment in our home than the money we spent to have Vulcan take care of our basement water problem. Moreover, let us not lose sight of the contribution this made to better healthy living conditions. Vulcan basement waterproofing fixed our leaky basement, and made our wet basement dry so that we could take full advantage of our basement and enjoy it to the maximum. My gratitude is so great that I could never stop singing praises of Vulcan basement waterproofing, and their ability to fix wet basements. Also you can always use me as a reference for people who want leaky basements fixed. The French drain and basement waterproofing system show the quality work, honesty, and value of Vulcan’s performance. With all good wishes for your continued success!

S. Langford, Montauk, NY