Stone Flooring in Your Restaurant

Imagine what your restaurant would look like if you had stone flooring in your restaurant! (and how much safer, easier to maintain and more beautiful YOUR floor would be with Vulcan stone flooring!)
It’s messy, right? Your customers are forced to sit on the stairs all the time. You’d cook on the stairs and serve there too. Floors function like a blanket of security and joy. You might not have appreciated their real purpose but they are there 24 hours a day whatever the season is… can you say that of your brother-in-law?
Seriously though, floors add elegance to your restaurant. Apart from the food and ambiance, your guests tend to evaluate the cleanliness of the place by the quality of its flooring. Before discussing the key details of restaurant flooring, it’s best to know that there are more than one million restaurants in America. Can you imagine how much money is spent for floors alone?
It’s tough to make a rough calculation. Considering the restaurant business continues to flourish, it makes a total of $782.7 billion worth of sales (, 2016). There will likely be 1.7 million new restaurant jobs in 2026. It’s also predicted 14.4 million of this number will go to industrial employees (which includes janitors to clean the floor).

Commercial Concrete Floors in Restaurants 

It’s a tall order to choose the right floor. A restaurant is a come-and-go public place. You go there either to eat and socialize with family, friends or co-workers. You and your friends will stay there for two to three hours. Basic activities will include waiting for the food, sharing of stories and walking into the comfort room (nice way to say toilet eh?) before and after.
As this happens, people start to come in. There are baby strollers and wheelchairs here and there. There are canes for the senior citizens too. Therefore, it’s fair to say the wear and tear of foot traffic is always high.
Accidents are common too. Things can be chaotic in a busy restaurant. Babies spill their milk and throw food, servers drop trays, dirty and wet shoes bring dirt and grime in from the street. These situations call for a durable and easy-to-clean concrete floor. It needs to be designed, colored, textured and patterned according to the overall theme of the restaurant. Here are some stone flooring options… and we can even do your logo as well!
These days, only a few materials in the market can live up to these standards (ConcreteNetwork, 2015). Luckily, Vulcan Stone Flooring can take the heat… when your waiter comes out of the kitchen! Always durable, concrete floors require less maintenance but are ugly and look terrible over the long term. Budget-wise, it’s absolutely affordable, but so is our stone!
There are countless long-term benefits for restaurant owners who choose stone flooring to replace their old and dirty concrete surfaces. Stone flooring is a floor product perfected by Vulcan Waterproofing (the oldest and the most reliable basement waterproofing company in the East Coast).
It’s made of top quality stone formulated with pure epoxy materials that allow any concrete type to breathe naturally… and it’s beautiful too! You can see samples at .
This type of flooring has a rich history. It’s believed stone construction began on flooring in Egypt over 5000 years ago. Palaces and monuments used large bricks that were made of mountain cut materials. The oldest stone flooring in the world existed in Pyramids of Giza. Greeks created pebble mosaic floors 3000 years ago. This flooring type was made of small and rounded stones attached together to create an image. These pebbles were traded for flat pieces of vibrant stone tiles, which glow in the sunlight.
The art of stone flooring reached its new height of modernization during the Roman Empire. Heated floors were used in wealthy homes and commercial buildings throughout the life of the empire. When the Roman Empire ended, various historians affirmed that “European use of stone flooring was often relegated to scavenging pieces of material from old monuments and palaces that had fallen into disuse (About, 2014).”

Why Choose Stone Flooring in Restaurants?

Restaurant floors need to pass the regular inspection conducted by health organizations. Each zone requires special types of cleaning products to preserve its beauty and allure to all types of customers. Each zone has a different flooring requirement. There’s the dining area where people chat and eat. This is the busiest zone; therefore, it must be easy to clean and non-slippery the whole day.
There’s the kitchen where the chef and his assistants prepare the food. It’s the heart of a restaurant; therefore, owners, chef and all assistants need to follow a daily stringent procedure. It’s a team effort to keep the area clean. As expected, foot traffic is also busy. The floor finds it hard to survive if its quality remains frail to activities such as spills, wheeled carts and foot traffic.
Recommended kitchen floors are those that are heavy-duty and chemically resistant to acidic food ingredients such as spices, oils and fruit juices… like a Vulcan Stone Floor! Of course, there’s the bathrooms. Whether it’s engineered for an ordinary toilet or for people with disabilities, the flooring needs to stay dry and odor-free always.
Some restaurants have bar areas where expensive liquors and wines are displayed and spills are inevitable. Listed below are the reasons why you want to choose commercial stone flooring for your restaurant:

Always Beautiful and Safe

Stone flooring transforms your old concrete floor into a beautiful, safe and breathing space. It permanently covers ugly discoloration and uneven surfaces.
You can also opt to use stone or safety-flex for play areas in novelty establishments. Kids will enjoy walking, running and jumping on a durable synthetic rubber floor without the worry of injury.
Vulcan Stone Flooring guarantees safety-flex remains a safe, comfortable and slip-resistant stone flooring product for kids and kids at heart.

Power and Intensity

Stone flooring adds depth and interest to your concrete floor, whether it’s the dining, bar, kitchen or comfort room.

Always Clean

In case of spills, stone flooring defends against dampness, moisture and unwanted liquid. Floor experts prefer to replace old concrete with stone flooring than other surfaces such as carpet, hardwood, vinyl and tile. Stone flooring provides variety of colors and textures. With hundreds of combinations to choose from, you can easily complement it to the theme of the restaurant. You can even have your logo inlaid into your welcome area!

Stone Floors are Easy to Clean

Stone flooring requires light maintenance. All you need is a bucket of water and a mop. It outperforms paint and other floor coatings. Vulcan Stone flooring guarantees a permanent coating for all seasons. Health organizations highly recommend stone flooring. Therefore, it’s environment-friendly and it’s totally safe even in bare feet.
Your beautiful floors will constantly receive 4 or 5 stars. Can you say that of your brother in law?
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