Concrete is the most popular flooring material in America, it’s popular to replace a concrete floor. It’s commonly installed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, patios, lobbies, garages, warehouses, factories and other public institutions such as offices, schools, hospitals, etc.
Whether it’s acid-stained, painted, overlayed, radiant or a unique personal floor, concrete floors offer a range of benefits unlike any other material such as vinyl, linoleum, marble or ceramic tile floors (Concrete Network, 2015).

Benefits of Concrete Floors

  1. Concrete looks perfectly refined in kitchens and in living rooms (Houzz, March 2013).
  2. It only requires mopping with detergent soap and water.
  3. It lasts about a hundred years old or more.
  4. It’s a good alternative to carpet in case you have allergies.
  5. The rate per square foot is cheaper compared to other materials.

Disadvantages of Concrete Floors

  1. Concrete is a porous material; therefore, it easily results in leaks.
  2. Untimely accidents such as slip, fall, etc. may occur.
  3. It becomes humid when the weather is too warm.
  4. It leads to mold and mildew if left unclean for few weeks.
  5. It can crack and disintegrate over time and in most cases, it’s ugly!

What is Vulcan Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is a product released by Vulcan Waterproofing – the oldest and most reliable basement waterproofing company in United States since 1947 can now replace a concrete floor. Rebranded as Vulcan Stone Flooring, this flooring material is designed to be applied over concrete.
How Does Vulcan Stone Flooring Solve Concrete Floor Problems
Reason 1: It is 100% epoxy
An epoxy is a durable glue with excellent bonding strength. If an epoxy is applied to a concrete floor, the size of a floor surface becomes thicker.
The epoxy floor protects itself from a number of concrete floor problems such as dusts, spills, stubborn stains, cracks, leaks, mold growth and extreme humidity.
Reason 2: It is FDA-approved
All materials and chemicals used to create and design Vulcan stone flooring are tested, approved and passed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
It’s guaranteed environmentally-friendly and safe for the whole family, especially for babies who love to crawl without shoes.
Reason 3: It is available in many colors
Vulcan stone flooring is available in different colors (pearl, coral, gray blend, Arkansas rainbow, apache etc.) to complement the overall theme of your basement walls, patio, porch or garage. Customization is also possible. You can mix and blend designs, borders and inlays according to your preference.
Reason 4: Its installation process is quick
Proper installation is usually one day. Dirt, oils, grease, paint, tiles and carpets are completely removed before installation begins.
If there are too many cracks and unevenness, affected areas are fixed and covered first.
Reason 5: It has 10-year warranty
Pebble stone flooring is a great investment. It doesn’t only solve concrete floor problems permanently but it also provides an unconditional warranty for ten years.
This way, you’ll constantly feel that you get what you paid for. You’ll feel confident that you made the right decision for the whole family.