Vulcan Basement Waterproofing prevents basement flooding. Say goodbye to wet basements too!

Staten Island is the least populated borough in New York City blessed with luxury houses, mansions, and commercial establishments.
All these structures look indestructible but its basement, no matter how small or big, still needs regular waterproofing services to protect the house from winter snow and thaws and summer storms. Nobody wants a wet basement in Staten Island!
The basement walls and floors weaken over time. Even in summer, a severe thunderstorm attacked Staten Island on July 25, 2016. It was around 6 PM when a flash flood devoured the public areas. All Port Authority bridges raised a speed restriction of 25 MPH (Huffington Post, 2016).
More than 4,000 residences had no power. Hundreds of Staten Island homes had wet basements that preventative basement waterproofing could have stopped!
Massive flooding in Staten Island is carefully monitored. Yet, experts believe there’s little that residents could have done to survive Sandy. However, like when you take care of your teeth you’re less likely to get a cavity, basement waterproofing prior to Sandy may have saved thousands of dollars of repairs and destruction to Staten Island homes.
Residential areas expand into the natural wetlands. As a result, there are more coastal wetlands that provide a buffer between the storm waves and the coast. The sea level has been rising since 1821. It has made the entire borough more susceptible to disasters for the last 200 years. Preventing flooding and wet basements take time but it is not impossible.
In fact, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is providing all neighborhoods with three miles of new sewers, 225 new catch basins and four miles of rebuilt sanitary sewer systems. This project includes 85 new street lights and 400 new trees. All these plans are to be completed by 2020… you might considering a similar program with your foundation!
The Build-It-Back Program is a project labor agreement aimed to rebuild single-family homes. Vulcan Basement Waterproofing means a higher resell value of your Staten Island home, as well as peace of mind.

Housing is a flourishing business in Staten Island.

High-end waterfront homes were developed as early as 1990. In 2014, Staten Island was considered the city’s highest-quality housing stock. It recorded the lowest rate of deficiency for market-rate rental and public housing apartments (Silive, 2014).
The 2011 Stringer’s report reveals the best-maintained housing rentals were found in Staten Island as well, so preventative basement waterproofing could make your house easier to rent.
Almost three-quarters of rentals and rent-regulated units found no deficiencies. Houses with clean, safe and dry interiors attract more buyers and receive more bookings for rentals. It increases its value if all rooms are freshly painted, roofs are free of termites, and the basement is usable space… including basements that are thoroughly waterproofed.
Basement walls should be free from cracks and leaks. The French drain and its sump pumps must work properly lights on or lights off. Lastly, its concrete floors should be free from dirty spots. In addition to basement waterproofing, some home improvement experts highly recommend the installation of stone flooring. Vulcan Stone Flooring solves concrete floor problems permanently. It can be used indoors and outdoors, guaranteed safe, cleans easily and looks wonderful.
A Staten Island basement waterproofed by Vulcan Basement Waterproofing implies a healthy lifestyle. This is an area that can be converted into a fitness area or an entertainment center… and nobody wants a wet basement!
Dawn Jamison wrote a blog about a mom who uses her basement as a play zone for her kids (Quicken Loans, December 2016). We all want our kids playing in a safe, dry, mold free area.
Lisa Gessert suggests patterning a basement after a kindergarten classroom creates a nice ambiance for children to play and learn.
It makes them more creative too. Gessert is the owner of “I ask parents to get down on their knees when they are planning a child’s room and see it from their level, their reach and eye view.”
A clean dry basement is paramount! And, Vulcan’s stone flooring is safe. It lasts virtually forever. It looks beautiful too!
Vulcan Waterproofing is the oldest and the most reliable basement waterproofing contractor in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania… specializing on Staten Island!
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