Your basement needs inspections to make sure you stay dry and safe during wet or rainy seasons, so most likely, you need a free basement waterproofing inspection
It’s a simple (and free) service provided by Vulcan Waterproofing to ensure your basement and foundation does it job. It stays water-and-mold-free when the weather outside is worst.
Only a licensed professional can conduct the inspection properly.
When you call him for help, he will bring the right tools to examine the basement properly to give you the peace of mind – making sure there are no hidden leaks or problems that cause bigger and more costly damage later. “Water always wins!”
Signs that you should take advantage of the free service are: windows and doors not closing properly, sloping floors, leaning walls, collapsing concrete, wall or floor cracks, staircase cracks and/or drywall cracks.

Why Do Basements Need Inspections?

Reason 1:

It’s a free service. You don’t need to shell out cash to invite an inspector to your house. You simply need to call the office or send an e-mail through our website at and ask for a free basement inspection.

Reason 2:

It includes a survey and quote if work is needed. Free inspections aren’t limited to just identifying the exact location of the problems. It also gives you the summary of the findings and its estimated costs to repair.

Reason 3:

It warns you that something bad might happen. Water problems are unpredictable, especially if your house is surrounded by ponds and lakes.

Reason 4:

It reveals the “real” cause of the problem. There are times a basement or foundation becomes a problem not because you can’t fix it, but because you don’t understand how the problem started.

Reason 5:

It allows you to see the big picture.

Reason 6:

It opens discussion. The professional will submit a written report after exploring your basement. Once you receive the report, don’t be shy. Ask us anything.

Reason 7:

A free inspection gives you idea of how much the cost of waterproofing services will be. In case you can’t afford the total rate all at once, we can setup a plan where we do the most pressing items now, and complete the tasks as we move ahead.

Reason 8:

Basement waterproofing usually requires only a day to finish. Sometimes, the contractors may need to come back the next day for more repairs but we can usually solve your problem in one day.

Reason 9:

It gives you options. There’s no one-formula-that-fits-all when it comes to basement waterproofing. Your basement may need a French drain, or it may only need a number of sump pumps. A basement that is too old and filthy might need more than one solution such as new ventilation, new flooring etc..

Reason 10:

You will feel confident the problem is solved (…if there even is one!). You’re given a guarantee that the situation is handled well. You also feel confident that the basement stays dry in the coming years.
All year long, Vulcan Waterproofing provides free home inspection in New York (Staten Island too!), Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.